Microgaming Mobile Casinos that Accept PaySpark

Shine bright like a diamond and pick the top banking method, provided by your online casino. Do not limit yourself with any formats and be sure that playing games on mobile for real cash is now no sweat. With fast and safe payments, you can relax and forget about any unpleasant things, you are the master of the current situation.

The system has been working on the market since 2002, being available in numerous countries. Besides, PaySpark acts like a prepaid card, which means that all your actions couldn’t have been safer. Due to SSL technology with 128bit encryption, each your monetary transaction is going to pass smooth with no danger of fraud or illegal activity.

Documents Needed to Open an Account

Once you finally make up your mind to use this very banking service, you are to create a profile thru the casino you play. This process may seem a bit difficult, though, we know how to simplify it for you. Right on the entry, you are asked to present a copy of your passport, pretty personal huh? You can also provide your driving license instead.

PaySpark for Real Money Play

Besides, you are required to give a utility bill copy, but notice that it shouldn’t be older than 6 months old, including your current address. After that, wait to receive a Cirrus/Maestro debit card, for which you are to pay $15. This is the price to open a profile and own PaySpark ATM account. Nothing is so bad as it is usually described, with several clicks, you are already a true card keeper.

Funding PaySpark Internet Payment Account before Play

Numerous players are quite impatient and they are eager to experience the casino games right off the bet. Hold on, tigers, bear with several more steps and you will you able to do whatever you want. Now you are to load your virtual balance with some cash, that is why, it is so important to pick an easy option for that. Let us check it more detailed.

Before any cent can be transacted to PaySpark account, you should choose a payment, thru which the process will be carried out. This can be a UK bank transfer, international wire transfer or SEPA transfer. Just be ready to meet some fees for the procedure, the amount of which depends on the casino you join and its conditions. Check all the points twice to have the best deal.

PaySpark Account Limitations

The main item for both banking system and the user is to minimize all the risks. For this very reason, the service provides no bounds according to the min balance permitted. But once your amount is at zero and for 180 days it hasn’t been used at all, the account will be closed and you will lose the money on it. Be careful, each your step has a price.

Deposit and Withdraw with PaySpark in Mobile Casinos

Don’t get surprised in case you have left your balance alone for 90 days. At that rate, the system can provide a $10 fee for each following month. You can also face some pleasant moments, as you own a $500 or higher balance, cause then your profile can get 2% interest presented for each month. The conditions stand on you and your attitude, make them be beneficial.


The first step to take when picking the payment for depositing is checking whether it is available for withdrawal. As soon as you have a permission, nothing is to stop you. Up to 3 withdrawals per day are allowed to be made, just mind that you can’t cash out more than $300 thru Cirrus, and $500 via MasterCard Electronic. Terms are great and all you need is to wager the money and open the way to redeeming gains.

US Customers

The service is available for numerous countries and provides payments worldwide. Still, since January, 2007 US customers are not allowed to use PaySpark as a banking method in online casinos any more. Perhaps, the situation will change in some time, but today you won’t be offered to make transactions thru the system once you play from the USA.


Imagine you play a game, go to make a deposit and see Ezipay logo in the list of options. Can you use your PaySpark account? Why not? You are totally allowed to make payments in such cases, cause numerous sites don’t display the option now, instead they offer you Ezipay one and you are free to use it. So many alternatives to see and feel, hurry up!