Android Microgaming Casinos

Changing the gambling world for better, Microgaming hurries to present more fresh ideas of how you can use its products. One of those is providing a wide collection of mobile casinos, which are available for Android devices. This mean can be a rescue for busy players, who are always on their way to somewhere, or it can be a totally unnecessary thing for desktop users. Which group do you belong to?

Exclusive Bonuses for Android Owners

Becoming a member of the casino will open the gates to unique bonuses, created especially for Android users. Some portals offer a QR code, the others ask for your phone number to roll in and send you a unique sign. Anyway, enter the item and get an access to the promotions in a way of various gifts. Hey, they are presented not only after your deposits, there are some given for free.

Android Casinos by Microgaming - Full Joy On the Go

10 or 50 Free Spins

Such a great bonus as Free Spins empowers you to try casino games totally chargeless. Generally, this offer is linked to a particular slot machine that will be mentioned in terms and conditions of the mobile gaming house. Still, the promo can be also available to use in diverse games. What remains the same is wagering that comes along with the present.

From $10 to $100 No Deposit Bonus

Nothing to lose. Yeah, you can reach this level when claiming for No Deposit Bonus. Entering a unique promo code, or even without the pattern, your balance grows with some extra free cash. Take the advantage of the amount and experience the entertainments. Remember that the bonus money is needed to be wagered in the end.

30 Min – 1 Hour Free Play

Coming out from nowhere, you receive a certain sum of money to play for up to 60 minutes. That is a brilliant chance to play the games totally for free. The only way to keep the funds in your account is winning a sum higher than the offer during the limited period. That is why, the more you play, the more chances you have to succeed.

Popular Devices for Online Gambling

Unlike the famous iOS label, the market consists a large number of various devices that are based on Android. That enlarges the range of phones and tables and allows the gamblers to use any kind of their gadgets to play mobile casinos. In fact, the apps are similar, the difference is only in the brand and its facilities.


Those who use their Samsung phones or tablets to enjoy mobile casino games know that the graphics and screen resolution with storage are bound to make their pastime more enjoyable. Well, the relish comes also with having such a branded gadget.

Choose Your Android Casinos to Play Microgaming

Sony Xperia

Ultra-thin, high quality of hardware, buttery and multimedia. Yeah, all these points are very important when picking a cell phone. But do you really take them into account when experiencing a casino? Microgaming world is open for any kind of pocket-size devices.

Google Nexus

The main thing why people choose Google Nexus phones is their speed. Working fast no matter how many years you utilize it, this gadget is rather advantageous for gamblers too. When you are in the middle of any amusement and there is a chance to grab the jackpot, which you have been dreaming about, this factor becomes the main one for you.


Opportunity. That is the world that describes HTC creations. Having numerous ways to make your phone just like you want, this gadget does the same things with gambling. Easy access to any site with speedy actions are just perfect for casino users. Wide screen reflects the atmosphere of real time pastime.


Haven’t you tried the latest releases of LG yet? Oh, come on, that is your chance to experience a splash of bright colors in flesh. Graphics of this device leave you speechless both while taking pictures and playing the games online. Besides, nowadays the company gives a hard start to any other brand.

Top Rated Android Casinos

Well, to each his own. When choosing between mobile gambling houses, I prefer those with convenient usability and simple design. When everything is clear and not complicated. Obviously, the others agree with my opinion, cause the net provides the same list of the most popular Android casinos as if I was the one to create it 😉

Trust to your luck, but remember to use logic anyway. Such portals as, Betway, Betfair, 32 Red and Bet365 present their players all in one: safety, profitable bonuses, low wagering requirements, large set of games, etc. Still, only your own experience will show which of the casinos is the best one.