Microgaming Mobile Casinos that Accept ClickandBuy

How come? ClickandBuy is no longer active as a payment method, though, online casinos still offer the option in the Banking section. Yeah, the situation is difficult, but we know how to help you out. Numerous gaming sites provide fun mode for you, but there is no other way for winning real cash but transferring deposits. Time to become an adult gambler.

That is how you get liable to claim casino bonuses, experience games presented and increase the balance. Besides, only joining real money mode in any Microgaming mobile casino site, you can count on withdrawing the collected wins. Everything gets simple and fast, and with ClickandBuy e-wallet, you can forget about any odds. Safety, convenience, easy usage and profitable conditions are always on demand.

ClickandBuy is Shutting Down

Unfortunately, each story has an ending, and, perhaps, that ending came to ClickandBuy. We can’t name certain reasons, but the company had its best days and warns all the customers that it is shutting down. Since 30.04.2016, the system will not be acting as a payment option anymore and, that is why, we recommend you to either spend the cash you have in your account, or transact the funds to another bank account.

Check ClickandBuy for Online Casinos

And though you can still cash out the money from your remaining balance and even have an access to your profile info and payments for some time after 30.04.2016, starting from the next day (1.05.2016) you are not allowed to make new transfers of e-money into your ClickandBuy account. What is more, you also won’t be permitted to change any payment features for such fundings.

Customer Support

Quality remains the same and no matter that the banking is not in usage, it still takes care of the customers. You can enter the official page of the payment and look for a solution, if you were not aware of the closure, or there is another kind of problem disturbing you. They don’t leave you alone even in such a situation.

Enter the helping center and you will find there lots of useful info for your ex-account. There are all details about how to deactivate your account, some tips for both users and merchants, the account management, mobile app, etc. All you need is presented on the site in FAQ form. So, relax and don’t panic, there is no a lose-lose case for you.

Deletion of Data

Safety is first and you shouldn’t even worry about your private data once you have a deal with ClickandBuy. As soon as the termination of the business contract runs out, all the info within the system gets automatically anonymised and deleted. This process goes in accordance with the legal and regulatory obligations. Yeah, all the necessary data is stored during your system usage, but it is conducted to prevent money laundering of a 5 year relationship. That is the period of time, after which the data gets deleted.

What to Use Instead of ClickandBuy

Outstanding Payments with ClickandBuy

Law fees, instant transfers, 120 currencies available and 30 countries allowed to join the service. No wonder that the system became so popular and widely used. Besides, in case you have an insufficient monetary value in your account, the system will send you a reminder to satisfy your payment due.

Once you don’t fill the balance with necessary funds for a week, you will get another reminder from the company. Be careful, once you leave all the actions unnoticed, you may meet some outstanding payment reminder fees from the service. Time to take responsibility and face the situation as it is. Check the terms on the site and see what else you can count on.

ClickandBuy Alternative

As we have determined, you are not able to use the service for your casino transactions anymore. So, what should you do then? No worries, the wide range of payment options presented on casino sites offers you numerous alternatives belonging to the same banking type or to another one. There is no better feeling than understanding that all the changes are for your good and wealth.

Do not get sad, this is your chance to try new systems and compare them in action. Choose the most convenient one, experiencing PayPal, Neteller, Paysafecard or Skrill. Time to come out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows, maybe it is what you really needed all this time. Check the terms of each one and see what fees, transaction timeframe, currencies and other conditions you will face once choosing any.