Microgaming Mobile Casinos that Accept Neteller

Say ‘quality’, say ‘safety’, and the third word they hear will be Neteller. Online players often wonder which banking system will match their likings and gaming plans. The wise ones know that the best way of becoming successful is picking the best options possible.

Speaking about casino software, experienced users don’t think too long, cause they know that there is no platform more beneficial than Microgaming. The first selection is made. Then you try to make up your mind according to the format of the gameplay. And here comes mobile version as the most convenient one.

So, the second choice is also obvious. Hmm…. what is left? Oh, the payment method for your real money pastime! This time you are to follow the tendency and pick the leading service, and it can’t be anything but Neteller. See, now you are ready to start making cash. The only thing left is learning more about the system.

Few Things You Have to Know About Neteller

Everything started in far 1999, when the company was created and owned by Optimal Payments PLC. This enterprise takes place in Canada, though, in 2004 the company changed its location to the Isle of Man. That is why, now it is guided by the rules and regulations of FSA (the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority).

No matter what others say, but there is a thing you can’t disregard. Though the system is not a ‘bank’, it is still obliged to keep the funds of all its customers at all times in separate trust accounts. This means, that once it is necessary, Neteller will be able to pay out all the balances of all its users at once. And even if the company goes bankrupt, it will be still liable to refund all the credits.

Neteller as the Best Banking Method in Online Casinos

Deposits in Mobile Casinos

If describing the process, let us start with the very beginning. Go to the web site of Neteller and pass the registration in order to create your new account. The procedure is totally free and takes a few minutes. Besides, no financial info is required yet.

As soon as you decide to make a deposit with the system, time to load the profile with cash. Feel free to use a credit/debit card, bank wire, prepaid card or eCheck to transact the money. Still mind that each funding method has its rules, connected with timeframes and fees. Now you can find the option in the special section with casino depositing methods and make your input easily.


Cashing out the casino balance can only bring you pleasure. Neteller implements everything into real life and makes the process easy and smooth. Check out the list of withdrawal methods of your Microgaming mobile gaming site and pick the system for this important transaction.

Time to roll in some info and get your cash. Enter the amount you are eager to redeem, the currency, Neteller account username and password. The funds get transferred instantly and the only thing to mind is your balance growing up.

Neteller Fees

Numerous banking mechanisms tend to include some fees for your transactions, and as the system belongs to the group of e-wallets, you are to use various payment options in order to upload the balance. The range of fees usually starts with 1.9% up to 7%, depending on the chosen method.

Online Cadadian Casinos Accept Neteller

As you decide to redeem the winnings thru the service, be ready to meet another set of possible fees. You can withdraw the funds by cheques, bank drafts ($7.50 fee provided), bank transfers and member wires ($7.50-$10.50 fee). ATM is still the most profitable way, cause it includes only $4 tax.

Payment Security

When you feel protected, everything around you becomes fool-proof and safe. You don’t need to think about danger or fraud, the service takes care of the whole process, just trust and relax. It is not only due to the 128-encryption, which is used to keep the transactions private.

There is no need to do something special in order to conceive the security. The fact that no other data is required from you, except the one related to your Neteller account, speaks for itself. No financial info can be shared with third parties, moreover, no one but you can manage to find out the account details.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Neteller

There is nothing easier in the world than criticizing something. Finding benefits is much harder, but our experts go happy lucky and offer you to relish the pros and cons of the service. Only 12-digit code is required from you when making deposits and withdrawals, you stay totally private.

Besides, the e-wallet can be used for any kind of monetary transaction, not speaking about instant processing. That is why, leave aside such downsides as long registration, probable fees and possible limits. You are the one to compare the lists and see which one is longer, profits are to cover you head to toe.